Attack Of Agricultural Pests In And Their Impact On Crops

There are thousands of pests associated with plants that can cause enormous damage to farmers. Some of them are already present around us and others are yet to reach our shores. Either way, they are going to damage our plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and soil. Let’s discuss what are the common environmental pests.


Tomato Potato Psyllid (TPP)

It can cause significant damage to biodiversity in Sterling including a variety of plants like potato, tomato, sweet potato, capsicum, eggplant, and many more. Although these pests are not very common in Sterling, still you need to keep an eye on your fruits and vegetable plants. And in case of any kind of emergency, you should always contact your local pest control services in Stirling.

Green Snail

Their physical feature says they have an olive-green shell and white flesh. They can destroy a wide variety of crops and leafy plants. They spread very rapidly through infested host plants’ material like vegetables, leaves, bales, etc.

Electric ants

They are native to Central and South America. They home themselves in dead trees, under stones or wood, beds, and food. They can drastically impact your gardens with painful stings in no time. Be cautious if you see an army of electric ants, as they always attack in groups.

Tomato Yellow leaf Curl Virus

Tomato is the main host of this pest. They cause a devastating disease complex of tomatoes in warm temperate and tropical regions. You must tie your waste as quickly as possible just after seeing the first sign of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus, or they are going to damage your tomato cultivation almost completely.

Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly)

They are the most destructive pests worldwide. They are light brown with different brown bands across the body and wings. The female Mediterranean fruit flies lay their eggs into the fruits by piercing them. That causes the rotting of fruits, which makes them inedible. It is always recommended that as soon as you see Mediterranean fruit flies in your horticulture farmland consult a Professional Pest Control Service in Stirling.

Potato Cyst Nematode

Potato Cyst Nematode is a worm-like organism, it is microscopic. These nematodes usually feed upon the roots of Solanaceae crops like tomato and potato. They can easily spread through infected plants and soils. If your field is infested by Potato Cyst Nematodes be aware as they will significantly reduce your crop production.

Queensland Fruit Fly

Queensland fruit flies are brownish with some yellow markings. They are widely known as economically the world’s worst fruit flies. They can destroy your yields very rapidly and impact international imports and exports. They lay their eggs into ripening fruits, which makes them indelible. Pest Controllers of Stirling have taken multiple steps to control the infestation of Queensland Fruit Fly.

Grape Phylloxera

Grape Phylloxera is one of the worst pests of grapevines, as there is not any effective cure to treat infected grapevines. Grape Phylloxera finds its comfort in the roots of the plant. It can easily spread by infected tools, soil, and the rootling of grapevines.

Red imported fire ants

Red imported fire ants not only destroy your crop and garden but, can also cause a significant allergic reaction to humans. They are very aggressive beings and have fiery stings, because of these features they can easily make their nests in your garden or farmlands, hence can destroy the environment. Always try to get rid of these small creatures by availing of some pest control services.

Large Earth Bumble Bee

They are black with some yellow bands over their body. They are larger than honey bees and can cause significant damage to agricultural production. The main threat from these unique bees is they destroy the native plants and increase the production of introduced plants, which can drastically change the biodiversity upside down. Humans are the main spreader of the Large Earth Bumble Bee.


The spread of such pests can cause various diseases in plants/crops, which eventually make them inedible and sometimes even very harmful to the environment. Without any doubt, such destruction can cause a big blow to the economy overall. 

It is very necessary to take the right steps to control their spread. There are about 80 plant pests in Australia that are regarded as regionalized to control their movement between the states and territories. Rules have been made to control the infestation of several pests which apply to both travelers and trades. 

Those are very helpful to control plant diseases sustainably without harming the environment. However, it is not only the responsibility of the Australian government but, every individual should extend their hands in the same direction to control pest infestation.

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