Everything You Need To Know About Spiders

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Spiders may belong to different species but either way that can be the most annoying creatures. Most spiders are harmless to humans in fact they can be beneficial for humans. Since they prey on many insects, they can be very useful to you to get rid of pesky pests. But on the other hand, you need to be a little careful as some of them can be deadly. Although they do not bite until they find themselves in danger. 

However, their cobwebs in corners of your house can definitely annoy you. Especially when you know spiders can contaminate your food and other objects. Therefore it is important to keep them away from your house. Let us see how you should deal with spiders.

Attractions for spiders

Food is the main attraction for spiders. What do they eat? Spiders consume insects and other pests that roam into your house. Therefore, if you’re homing various pests then there are chances that you may have spiders in your residence. You can easily find them in filthy corners of your house. Basements, attics, and garages can be their favourite place to grow. However, their extermination is not that important unless they are poisonous.

How to identify venomous spiders?

Black widow, Black Widow Bites, and Brown Recluse are some of the names that come on the list of poisonous spiders. Now, the question is how to recognise them? Well, Female Black widows are one of the most easily identifiable species. The striking red markings with a shiny black exterior of these spiders are identification marks of these species. On the other hand, Brown Recluse has dull colour with a violin-shaped body.

How to get rid of Spiders?

Although spiders are harmless they cause your home to look unhygienic and messy. Therefore it is necessary to keep them away if they are in abundance. However, it is always advised if you see any poisonous spider in and around your house you should immediately call pest control services in Athelstone. Few tips can help you to get rid of them. 


Cleaning is the key to control the spider population. Therefore, it is important to vacuum every corner of your house thoroughly. A vacuum will suck them up without leaving any trace of eggs and larvae behind. As soon as they get into a vacuum they die, so it can be a most effective way to treat spiders.

Glue traps

Spiders create their webs to trap flies and other insects but here you have to make a trap for them. You need to stick these traps in and around areas where spiders are most likely to be found. Glue traps do not contain any attractant like baits but they certainly become very attractive to spiders when some flies will get trapped in them. Once the spider is allured towards those trapped flies they will get stick to glue traps and eventually die.


It is always best to let pest control Athelstone handle any pesticide. Pest control services in Athelstone will inspect your house properly and sprinkle insecticide wherever they see the growing population of spiders. Organic insecticides are very effective against spiders without any impact on your health and environment. 


It may sound very old-fashioned but it can be the best remedy if you see any spider around your desk. Remember because of their hard exoskeleton spiders need a hard blow to be killed. Once they die do not intend to touch it with bare hands. Scoop it carefully and through it without any physical contact.

Prevention against spiders

In addition to the above-given steps, it is very important to make your house less attractive to spiders. How to do this? The answer is very simple: shut their restaurant. Spiders love to eat bugs and bugs love to live near light. Therefore, if you want to avoid spiders you must dim your lights, especially at entrances. Let your neighbours feed spiders! 

You can also replace your existing lights with sodium vapor lights also known as yellow lights. Bugs usually stay away from these lights.


You must be wondering why we did not discuss spiders that are roaming into your garden. The fact behind this is your gardener loves spiders. Shocked? Well, you should not be as you know spiders feed on insects and pests, so, apparently, they are very beneficial to your gardens and lawns. If you have spiders in your garden then you may have to do less effort to get rid of them. Therefore, let them live there and make your job easy.

Spiders are very busy creatures; they hardly have time to bother you unless you annoy them. But to make your house look pleasant keep discarding their webs and they will forget the way to your home.

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