How Long Can My Appliances Last?

Most homeowners fail to ask the salesperson about the expected service life of an appliance. Many home appliances tend to last between 7-17 years. Therefore, it becomes essential that you know beforehand when your recently purchased appliance will need a replacement. The service life expectancy query helps you make a decision whenever your appliances are malfunctioning or breaking down. 

When you stay unaware of your appliances’ expected service life, you tend to waste money on fruitless repairs or maintenance. Is your dryer, refrigerator, oven, or dishwasher malfunctioning? Do you know the anticipated service life? Research on appliance repair in San Francisco can help you decide whether your appliances need repairs or replacement. It is because the technical experts always suggest you refer to the appliance’s age before investing money on a replacement, maintenance, or repair. 

Know The Average Life-span Of Your Appliances!

When manufacturers design an appliance, they integrate high-technology components and parts that will last for years before breaking down or any damage. It helps the designers to ensure the appliances will certainly last up to the expected service life. In this manner, the anticipated life-span of all appliances is set when designed by the manufacturers. 

Some home appliances tend to last more than others. Gas ranges and freezers are some appliances that last longer than the dryer, washer, dishwasher, oven, etc. You can also extend your appliances’ service life by hiring professionals who render services of appliance repair. They will diagnose and fix the issues installing equipment or parts that have a warranty. 

The Numbers:

The digits of an appliance’s expected service life make a significant difference concerning repairs, replacement, etc. We have collected some information regarding your appliances’ average life expectancy. You can refer to the below points:

  • Electric or Gas Dryer: 10-14 Years
  • Washer: 10-12 Years
  • Dishwasher: 9-12 Years
  • Refrigerator: 12-15 Years 
  • Freezer: 14-17 Years
  • Electric or Gas Range: 13-17 Years

Tips on Extending the Appliances’ Service Life.

The information mentioned above are not limited to digits, i.e., anticipated service life. You can make an exception for your appliances by extending their life-span. Besides hiring professionals listed under appliance repair San Francisco category, you can refer to the tips listed below. They will help you save money, effort, and time for the long-term:

  1. Cleaning is Maintenance:

Appliance cleaning indeed comes under routine maintenance. If you often clean your appliances, they are already working to their optimum efficiency level. Regular cleaning significantly reduces clogging, blockages, wear, and tear, saving you money and time. 

  1. User Manual Reference:

User manuals that come with your newly purchased appliances are not an instructional guide. They contain information concerning proper installation, troubleshooting, maintenance (cleaning), and warranty. Therefore, you must always refer to the user manuals to operate and maintain the appliances. It will naturally increase the expected service life of your home appliances. 

Replacement V/S Repair- Which is the right decision?

Many homeowners conflict with the thoughts of appliance repair and replacement. As mentioned previously, your appliances will last a certain period due to their expected service life. Simple research on appliance repair services can help you extend the appliances’ life span. However, the question remains answered- if appliance repair is better than a replacement! 

The decision-making process is relatively straightforward. Now that you know the average life-span of your appliances ask the five questions listed below to decide on appliance repair or replacement. They are:

  •         Is something broken? – Regardless of the appliances’ age, broken components can be replaced without incurring any high cost. You solely need to ensure that the appliances are correctly wired and not clogged. If it is the case, you can perform troubleshooting or clean appliances to retain the performance level. 
  •         Does the warranty cover my appliance repairs? – The licensed experts listed under appliance repair service category always ask you about warranty. Your appliance repairs, maintenance, and replacement are listed on a warranty card. It implies you are liable to get a cost-effective and fast-track solution without incurring any cost.
  •         What is my appliance’s age? – You can refer to the information mentioned above in the anticipated appliances’ service life. Most appliances last 6-14 years; therefore, you must know your appliance’s age. It will help you settle on a repair or replacement decision.
  •         Does the 50% rule apply to my appliance? – The 50% rule is simple to understand! If your appliance has exceeded 50% of anticipated service life, it certainly needs a replacement, not repairs. The same mechanism is applied when the repair cost is more than 50% of a new appliance. 
  •         What is my appliance’s energy-saving level? – Research on appliance repair in San Francisco can get you connected with technicians to explain everything concerning energy-saving levels. Both appliance replacement and repairs help you save money on electricity bills. The distinction here lies in your decision. Therefore, it is suggested that you perform thorough research on energy-saving ratings before settling on appliance repair or replacement decisions. 


Home appliances initially stay merely technological devices for convenience and comfort. Later, you tend to form an emotional bond with your appliances, reminiscing the times they helped you and vice-versa. Therefore, it is pertinent that you realize your appliances’ expected service life to better care of them. It will help them serve you until the last years without needing many repairs. 

If you do not know about your appliances’ anticipated life-span, you can refer to the points listed above. Nonetheless, the average service life of appliances in aggregate is 4-16 years. If you are still confused about your appliances and their requirements, procure the services of appliance repair in San Francisco companies. They will assist you in time, saving a lot of money on expensive or forestalled repairs. 

You can also find numerous service providers or companies prepared to render you fast-track and affordable services at all times. Get started with your appliances’ introspection and make an informed decision!

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