How to Make Your Customers’ Return Process More Easy and Efficient

Return Prime integrates with your Shopify store seamlessly to let your customers raise a return/exchange on their own.

Returns and exchange are a part and parcel of any business transaction and can be quite cumbersome, especially in eCommerce transactions where direct contact with the customer is not possible. Whether you want them or not, they are a necessary evil in any business. Since returns cannot be ruled out for any business organization, an easy and efficient process for you and your customers is the best approach to deal with it.

During online shopping, a customer is totally dependent on the information and visuals provided by the website regarding any product. These specifications include size, color, material, dimensions, etc. However, the purchased article may not match the requirements and expectations of the consumer due to photography lags or wrong details. In such cases, returns/exchange are the only viable option with the customer and the companies ought to see this as an opportunity to retain their customers’ faith, rather than a pain!

For a matter as important as this one, a feasible solution in the form of an easy return process will give a sigh of relief to your customers and confidence to shop without fear of losing out their money on a wrong product. It will also make it easier for you to keep a tab on the reasons for such complaints and make sure that such lags are not repeated.

So what can be done about this problem?

 Making certain wise choices will take care of the returns process in a way that is compatible with your policies and keeps your customers happy. Investing in a good return handling system will tackle the issue in the best possible way. Here are the elements of an easy and methodical return process:

Getting a separate returns or exchange app

Giving your customers an exclusive platform to file their exchange/return will not just increase their trust in you but also make it easier for you to track down the details and reason of such a request. A dedicated app that solves all these issues with a flexible return policy is the need of the hour.

Collaborating with multiple logistics partners

Integrating with more than one logistic partner will help to seamlessly manage the operations for all your Returns/Exchange requests and generate automated labels for the same. This will help in taking the burden off a single system and help in keeping track of data for all request transactions.

Offering prompt customer support with Live Chat

A good customer support center is the supportive pillar of a good return process. By offering live chat options and round-the-clock support, you can assure that your customers’ queries about returns and exchange are well managed and extend the scope for repurchase from the same clients.

Offering customized return options 

Setting up different policies that are customized according to consumer needs is the easiest way to deal with the returning dragon. You can choose to offer 3 ways of exchange to your customers

  1. Exchange with the same product originally bought in case of design, size, or quality complaints.
  2. Exchange with a different product of the same category but different design specifications in case of unavailability of the product originally bought.

iii. Offer to file for a refund in case both the above-mentioned options are not available and the lag is from the company. 

These options will help to bifurcate the return requests and make them easy to comprehend.

Setting up a good tracking system

Agreeing on a systematic tracking policy with your logistics partners will help to give your customers details about their return shipment and the different stages it is going through. This will save you from the unnecessary call logs in customer service regarding details and follow-up on returns and increase your credibility. 

How Return Prime makes this dream a reality?

Return Prime has integrated all the above-mentioned points into a well-structured procedure to achieve the milestone of easy returns. We have crafted our whole system in a way that isn’t just easy for customers to use, but for our merchants to have insights into the return and exchange journey of their clients. We make it possible with a passionate team, automated labels, customer journey translation, and a firm backup from all major logistic companies you can name. We aim to give you a reason to connect with us and take this relation forward for a longer-term.

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