How To Prepare And Clean Your Air Conditioner For Summer

Do you want to do air conditioning repair by yourself? In this blog, we have mentioned that how you can clean your air conditioner at home in the summers.

When the summer arrives, you do not want your air conditioner to malfunction or breakdown after turning it on. You should also realize that the air conditioning repair service providers are generally busy during that time. Therefore, you need to act smart to enjoy the first summer days by staying cool and comfortable at home. If you delay the maintenance or repairs, you would have to wait for weeks until a licensed and experienced technician diagnoses and troubleshoots your air conditioner. 

Since an AC maintenance or repair can cost you more than 250 dollars, you can also weigh down the list of cons and pros of procuring professional repair services. It will help you predict the incurring cost of your air conditioner. Besides, you can perform minor DIY troubleshooting to save some extra money. You can read the below-listed advice given by experts who render air conditioning repair services. They will assist you in preparing an air conditioner ready for the summer season.  

What Can You Do To Clean and Prepare Your Air Conditioner?

As many homeowners rely on professional AC maintenance, cleaning, and repair services, they forget that some components can be replaced or cleaned at home. The activity of addressing and resolving minor AC issues can save money for significant damages or repairs. We are listing some tips that will help you troubleshoot the air conditioner before the summer arrives. They are:

  1. Replace or Clean the Air Filters:

Air filters keep the indoor environment cool and clean. They trap minute dust, dirt, and other particles that may affect your wellbeing. If you occasionally clean your AC’s filter once in three months, routine cleaning is more than enough for your AC’s efficiency and performance. You can also hire air conditioning repair to get the filters cleaned and deodorized. However, if you do not remember when you last cleaned the air filters, you need an immediate filter replacement. Call the nearby HVAC experts and get the job done. 

  1. Condenser Coils’ Cleaning:

Condenser coils stimulate the overall working of your air conditioner. They absorb the generated heat and help the AC to work proficiently for your convenience. Therefore, they need routine cleaning. You need to purchase a condenser cleaner that comes in a spray bottle. After removing the accumulated layer of dirt or dust, you can spray the coils for effective and safe coil cleaning. 

  1. Coolant Lines:

If you have not procured air conditioning repair services in a year, you must check the coolant or refrigerant lines. You may observe that they have accumulated a foam, which eventually corrodes the pipes and creates leak holes. To resolve the issue, you need to insulate the refrigerant or coolant lines since they help AC’s evaporation and condensation processes.  

  1. AC Unit Testing:

When the summer finally arrives, you need to clean and air-dry the AC unit. Later, you can set the thermostat and turn on the air conditioner to check if it is working fine or not. If the unit does not work, you can restart the system by switching OFF and ON the circuit breaker. When your air conditioner fails to operate and keep you cool inside the home, you need air conditioning repair from licensed technicians. They will diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair the damaged or worn-out AC components.  

  1. Vacuuming:

When your air conditioner is left unoperated for six months or so, you can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of loose dirt and other particles. It will help your AC stay clean and operate at 100% capacity without repairing any repair work. Besides, it is a reasonable practice to cover the air conditioners when they are not in use. It will protect the system from dirt, moisture, debris, flying objects, etc.  


You cannot stay relaxed and peaceful during the summers if your air conditioner does not work. Therefore, you should always remain connected with air conditioning repair service providers to address the AC issues on time. It will save you plenty of money and time while keeping you comfortable in the home.  

You can also look for licensed and factory-trained technicians in your locality to get a fast-track solution. Observe your air conditioner, clean and maintain it to avoid expensive repairs!

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