Pros and Cons of Fixed Carpets-Handmade Pakistani Carpets

Fixed carpets are those that, once installed, remain in the same place for years or decades. They are anchored to the ground using nails or large staples, and sometimes even have the skirting board on top to prevent it from moving out of place.

They are very common in cities in the United States, where it is even forced in some areas to prevent the neighbour below from having to endure our domestic noises. But not so much in countries like Spain, Portugal, Morocco or Italy, among others. We tell you the pros and cons of fixed carpets.

Fixed carpets Absorb Noise

It is its strong point although, in fact, any carpet or rug does. But the fact of being fixed prevents it from being removed in an outburst of the owners. This is precisely the reason why in cities like London or Manchester it is usually forced to staple the carpet to the floor.

The hearing sensitivity of the English goes beyond the roof of their houses, and the neighbours are prohibited from disturbing the neighbour below with noise.

If your upstairs neighbour walks in boots or heels, or his children run on the ground or throw objects on the ground, keep in mind that this is behaviour that in England is seen as uncivil. What’s more, you can be fined for it. But not everything is advantages.

With fixed Pakistani Rugs, you don’t worry about aesthetics

The decoration of the house is a compelling reason to take into account in the approach to space, colours and shapes. We spend a lot of time choosing kitchen furniture or the colour of the parquet because we want to be sure that it is the option we need and that we will like it after the years.

In this, fixed Carpets Have Two Possible Advantages.

If they are bought for the long term (in the UK carpets can be decades old) it is normal to look for light or greyish tones that combine with any furniture that we are going to put in the future. And, from there, not worrying about it for many years.

Although less frequent, there are those who change them every two to five years, especially for hygiene reasons. Here, the design of these carpets will help us a lot.

As a rule, they are smooth, easy to vacuum and have a single colour, so acquiring one is not a headache. It will be enough to choose the colour from a palette of tones and wait for it to be installed to enjoy it for years.

The lack of Hygiene of Fixed Carpets

On the contrary, the greatest criticism comes from the hygiene of this type of Handmade rugs. The fact that fixed carpets are easy to vacuum does not make them clean. In fact, they are the opposite. By using them for years and not being able to turn them over every now and then to shake them, these rugs accumulate a lot of dirt inside.

Let’s think about what it means for dust, skin and mites (not to mention the less frequent food, dog hair or occasional stains) falling for years on the same fabric. It is not surprising that fungi form over time, which is very difficult to eliminate. This gives homes an odor that many of us consider unappetizing. Closed and damp.

And this is another of their hygiene problems, especially when they are used in the bathroom, something that is customary in England. On the one hand, they trap moisture and transmit it to the wooden floors that are usually found below. This causes moisture and bad odours to arise, and they are difficult even to wash by hand.

English Bathroom Style

In English bathrooms, for example, it is difficult to remove dirt from the corners, under furniture or from behind the toilet bowl. Nooks were dirt roams freely.

Therefore, they are not recommended at all for people with asthma, allergy problems, skin problems or prone to infections. And of course, not so that the smallest of the house play in them, given their problem with hygiene.

Although they solve the problem of noise (important for many) and that with a good treatment we can avoid heavy maintenance, in general, this type of carpet is disappearing from Europe. Discounting the offices, where they are still very frequent.

Hygiene is its weak point, a factor that for many Spaniards is crucial. Therefore, if you are looking for rugs or ideas to decorate your home, it is better to opt for those that can be removed for cleaning.

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