Tired Of Termites? See How to Identify and Control Them

If you find a group of termites in your home, there is a strong possibility they have thrown your many dollars in the trash bin. Hence, it is crucial to control this situation immediately by adding a few chemical treatments as follows. However, chemicals are harsh so you are suggested to use it carefully.

Does termite become a stress for you? If yes, so you are not alone. Most folks are distressed because every year, this causes billions of dollars in property and structural damage. However, homeowners spend lots of dollars to stay away from termites. Unfortunately, these unwanted guests attack your home-don’t know-how. The primary reason termites remain longer in your home is you don’t identify them.

This is why Pest Control experts in Bongaree shared the practical guide on preventive measures and appropriate use of best termite treatments for the long-term results.

So without further ado, let’s start!

What are Termites?

Termites are pesky insects that are well-known as silent destroyers of property because they can destroy old wood. These are small insects, so they have a body with six legs. Also, they have wings, so they are hard to catch. People are often confused with termites with ants, but there is a huge difference in both. Termites are not big like ants and come in different types such as damp wood, dry wood, and subterranean.

Let’s dive a little deeper!

Dampwood- These belong to the family of Kalotermitidae and hodotermitidae that typically live in high-moisture content.

Drywood- These belong to the family of Kalotermitidae that typically lives in the wood, timbers, and wooden floors.

Subterranean- These belong to the family of Rhinotermitidae that basically live in the soil and damage the natural old trees.  

How to identify Termites in the home?

Before we move into termites solutions, one must know about the sources of termite infestation. So, let’s start by seeing major loopholes you’re ignoring. 

  •         If you see hollow wood or hear a hollow sound in the wood, this is an alarm of being trapped with termites.
  •         Mud tubes are also a sign of having subterranean termites. These mud tubes are made up of wood and soil like a pencil.
  •         If you see a bunch of wings on the floor, these could be a sign of termites.
  •         If you see oval pellets on the door, these could be termites dropping.

How to prevent termite infestation in the home?

As per pest control experts in Bongaree, To prevent termite infestation, one must follow the given prevention tips by pest control services.

Make the area less attractive to termites

 As you know, termites usually attract with high-moisture content. So at the time of construction, concrete is a ventilation area between the wood and soil. Also, cover this area with a metal barrier for extreme protection. 

Follow the prevention tips

 Here is the list of prevention features one needs to follow.

  •         Fill out cracks in the wall or near the area with cement or grout.
  •         If the construction is completed, the soil in the region of the foundation will dry by drainage and grading perfectly.
  •         Block the leaks immediately.
  •         Ensure ventilation and vent-free blockage.
  •         Guarantee you have not planted the trees near the wooden surfaces.
  •         Focus termites colony won’t establish.

 What are the best termite treatments?

 Termites’ treatments are of two types such as chemical and non-chemical. Let’s find out about both.

Chemical Treatments for termites

 If you find a group of termites in your home, there is a strong possibility they have thrown your many dollars in the trash bin. Hence, it is crucial to control this situation immediately by adding a few chemical treatments as follows. However, chemicals are harsh so you are suggested to use them carefully. 

After a termite inspection in your house, you can choose the best pest control methods like using liquids and baits. Using these chemicals is to avoid the entrance of termites in the house by applying these liquids to the front or corners of the house. 

These chemicals are heavy, a bit odorless, and provide you best results. Now, let us look at some of the best chemicals. 

  •         Arsenic trioxide
  •         Bifenthrin
  •         Permethrin
  •         Fipronil
  •         Imidacloprid

Non-chemical treatments for termites

If you don’t want to get involved in chemicals, then try these non-chemical treatments to get rid of termites in the home. For instance, you can follow the given tips. 

  •         Build a physical barrier that usually possible at the time of construction
  •         Fill all the cracks to make a particular barrier for termites
  •         Opt for biological control agents such as nematodes and fungus

Best DIY tips to control termites’ infestation at home

If you suspect different termites in your home, it is necessary to take action according to termite type. Here in this paragraph, we are going to explain different DIY tips to control the different infestations.

Get rid of subterranean termite

As we said earlier in the content, these termites live in soil and damage the old wood and trees. If you found them in your home, follow the given DIY tips. 

  •         You may be able to use some kind of chemicals or termiticide barriers on your exterior for protection.
  •         Use of direct chemicals like shoot terminator directly infused in the furniture because it offers great results.
  •          The use of termite baits is pretty common. However, it includes poison to attract termites and kill them.
  •         Use of nematodes infused gut bacteria that poison the termite and kill them easily.

Get rid of Drywood Termites

If you have finished wood then create a hole and fill it with dry wood termites to control them.

  •         The use of essential oils like Neem or orange can inhibit the ability to lay eggs of termites.
  •         However, boric acid and diatomaceous earth are valid treatments for both dry wood and subterranean termites.
  •         If you have identified the Source of termites, trap that area with a cardboard trap. Take two wet pieces of cardboard and stack them on top of each other like a DIY belt.

 This is the complete guide you can follow to get rid of termite infestation in the home. The pro tip is to check your houses carefully with a magnifying glass to avoid unwanted pest attacks and call professionals when needed.

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