Why Rely on News Platform like HoursTV in Time of Social Media

Social media has made access to information easy as well as difficult in several ways. While a newsfeed can tell us what is happening, it can also be misleading; this is because a bunch of tech tool can easily allow people to turn social media posts in their favour. Perhaps, this is the reason why social media gets easily exploited as a propaganda tool. The platform that runs on algorithms to run ad doesn’t seem to bother about telling the truth. Instead, it focuses on compelling and engaging content even if it is totally different from reality. Hence, the news platforms that present a whole scenario come to play their role.

Different Perspectives Do Matter

The news platforms like HoursTV do help in getting to know the truth because they don’t work the way often biased algorithms of social media platforms work. They are run by editors and researchers who have a look at story from different angles. Perspectives do matter and social media does give space to people to share their point of view on different subject matters. However, social media also works as a promotional platform that is concerned with keeping audience engaged with the kind of content they want to see, or the kind of content that confirms to the prejudice of a particular individual.

Furthermore, the social media outlets like Twitter where views expressed in 240 characters don’t justice in bringing the entire matter to a limelight can easily mislead users to believe something which might not be true in the first place.

In such scenario news websites where content takes into account the different sides of a story and represents the statements from stakeholders or actors of a story do help in separating the right from a wrong.

Ability to Distinguish the Promotional Content

On platforms like Twitter and social media, the news overview in the forms of just basic headlines is fine. But the opinions from the users’ can be problematic for not being real; this is because very often organizations (social, or political) take assistance of bots to spread a particular narrative. This again is a tool used for the propagation of an idea or a fabrication that may have nothing to do with reality even remotely. As we look at the articles from Hourstv blogs, the social media marketing tactics are not exploited by the brands but also by those who are looking to change minds in their favour. Therefore, users who scroll their newsfeeds to get to the bottom of truth about an event can easily become a trap to propaganda mill.

Such a use of social media increase the need of a reliable platform that doesn’t take help from bots but brings the facts at a one place by talking about the concerns of all the actors. Therefore, the news websites that offer content with a neutral approach are still a way to go for many.

Getting All in One at the Same Place

The algorithms of social media networks can be misleading. They are indeed useful in a way that they bring the stuff that appeal to the interest. However, in an attempt to strike that chord they fail to provide a diverse content. Contrary to this news platforms offer more versatile topics. They have several categories that cater to the infotainment perspective in the best way, giving the readers access to all that matters and all that is trending in the world on that specific time period. Different perspectives, an unbiased analysis and facts oriented stuff is what makes content of news websites more worthy of trust then what bot generated material social media news feeds have to offer.

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